The Love Pro mastermind is a curated invitation-only group for ethical love industry professionals whose personal and professional reputations are intact. They pride themselves on improving their clients’ outcomes while increasing their agencies’ revenue growth and scaling their businesses.

“The Mastermind principle: Two or more people actively engaged in the pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude constitutes an unbeatable force.”

— Napoleon Hill

We aim to develop the brain trust of ethical, caring professionals in the love industry.


Mastermind groups combine brainstorming, learning, peer accountability, and support among like-minded individuals to sharpen your business, leadership, and personal skills. A mastermind group serves as a means for every member to achieve success.

-Sharing best practices
-Goal setting and accountability
-Meet consistently

Who Should Apply?

We’re looking for intelligent heads of companies willing to give as much as they take who possess these qualities:

-True Peers
-Goal oriented action takers
-Positive mindset and open to change
-Group focused
  • Have a robust skill set and are excellent communicators.
  • Have an established business and currently making revenue, with some business success.
  • Feel comfortable putting group advice into action and showing results within an aggressive timeframe.
  • We’re also seeking individuals who focus on what they want, not what they don’t want. Individuals who know how to collaborate with their peers, people who don’t burn bridges, and will commit to the growth of their companies, be it revenue or expansion.

Please apply for the next mastermind with a $200 fully refundable deposit up to April 15th. If we do not approve your application, we will issue a refund. If approved, you can pay in whole or installments.

The Mastermind is NOT for you if:

Benefits of a Mastermind Group

  • Alliance with matchmakers in different parts of the country/world.
  • Opportunity for coop advertising with group members
  • Mindset and Sales Training
  • Client and database lead generation strategies
  • Building, managing, and establishing a great team culture.
  • Setting up robust processes and systems 1 Day retreat (optional)

Famous People who have said they have benefited from a mastermind group are Bill Gates, Andrew Carnegie, Richard Branson, Oprah, Warren Buffett, and Charles Schwab. Leaders like Walt Disney, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Edison shared one secret that propelled them to success: each person was a mastermind group member.

Waiting List


  • Pricing your packages to facilitate sales and client on-boarding course (valued at $1,497)
  • Tech List of platforms you can use to streamline your processes (priceless)
  • 1 Pre-program thirty-minute call with Arlene to ensure you get the most out of the mastermind (valued at $500)
  • 3 Forty-five-minute coaching/consulting hours with Arlene (valued at $3,000) ONLY for the first six registrants.
  • We schedule one optional in-person session to leverage travel and lodging, usually connected to a matchmaker’s conference.

Hold your spot with a $200 fully refundable deposit before April 15th. If accepted, there’s an additional investment based on your chosen payment plan.




We are currently accepting applications for our April 2023 group.

Beginning in April 2023, three-month revolving mastermind groups:

Bi-weekly meetings (every other week)

Six training sessions on pricing, packaging, and client onboarding

Total of twelve 60-90 minute sessions depending on group size

One optional in-person meeting/retreat (location and dates to be announced)

One major group project (e.g., ebook, summit, etc.)

Arlene Washburn
Arlene Washburn

About the Facilitator

AVConnexions founder Arlene Washburn is a Science-Based Dating & Relationship Coach and Master Executive Certified Matchmaker. She is an industry leader awarded The Most Innovative Woman in Matchmaking 2022. As the former CEO of the only state-licensed school for matchmaking, she’s traveled to Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and the US to train hundreds worldwide.

Arlene has facilitated a mastermind group of some of the top matchmaking companies in the world with revenues exceeding $500K, some as much as ten million dollar companies. Arlene’s been the chairperson of multiple networking groups and understands the role of being a facilitator. 

Facilitator Responsibility

  • Curate and manage an elite group of dynamic professionals
  • Provide six training sessions on pricing, packaging, and client onboarding (Jan ’23 group only)
  • Promote clear and concise communication
  • Ease problem-solving activities
  • Track action plans and accountability
  • Arrange presentations by experts in their field